5730 SMD 5730 lamp beads 5730led ultra low-cost 5730

5730 SMD 5730 lamp beads 5730led ultra low-cost 5730

Product description:

color: white Model: 5730 Brand : Liang Yu-hao
Category : LED Custom processing : No Size : 5.7 * 3.0 * 0.8mm
Shape: square piece

5730Led parameters :
Use stability LG, Kellett, wafer, chip
Voltage : 3.0-3.6V Current : 150MA
Power : 0.5W Luminous flux : 40-50LM
1, high luminous efficiency, narrow spectrum, good color

2, high color, exhibits excellent color fidelity and color reproduction
3, green no lead, mercury and other toxic substances
4, access to national scientific and technological achievements authoritative identification
5, precision constant current, life of 50,000 hours, low attenuation
Product Features: High brightness high heat high life and high environmental protection low attenuation of environmental pollution:. .. No harmful metal mercury
• Applications
Widely used in outdoor billboards, electronic displays, traffic lights, signs, car tail lights ,, LED light module, LCD backlight, LED lighting, LED soft / hard light strips
Remarks :
a) the material does not exceed two times the number of welds .
b) Do not weight LED lights during welding.
c) Do not twist welding temperature back down to normal after the circuit board .