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3014led lamp beads

3014led lamp beads
  • 3014led lamp beads
Product code: 24723500001
Unit price: 0.12-0.13 CNY
Reference price: 0.02-0.02 USD
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Other info: Per piece
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color: white Model: 3014 Brand: Liang Yu-hao
Category: LED Custom processing: No Size: 3.0 * 1.4 * 0.8mm
Shape: square piece

SMD 3014 LED lamp beads

Features: high brightness low-light failure

Product Dimensions: 3.0 * 1.4 * 0.8

Chip: Single Chip

Current: 30mA

Brightness: 2800MCD-3900MCD Lumen: 9-12LM

Color: white, warm white

Voltage: 3.2-3.6V

Production Color temperature range: 3000-7000K

Package Features: silica gel has been the major factor affecting the quality and longevity of LED, our use of soft silicone body, and a high thermal conductivity, high performance, lower bad light the lamp itself, improve the luminous efficiency.

product description

Product features: small size, high brightness, good heat dissipation, zero attenuation, high reliability;
Viewing angle: 120 degrees;
Welding methods: suitable for all SMT SMD soldering;


Lighting, indoor and outdoor display, optoelectronic, lighting products, an indicator, backlit products, displays and so on;

LED lamp, bulb, ceiling lamps, panel lights, downlights special (3014) lamp beads, comprehensive alternative 35,283,020

1. Product Development Background: Liang Yu Hao focused LED lamp research and development, mainly to promote patch lamp beads, stents excellent heat dissipation, so that LED lighting is more suitable for long-term, and have access LED lamp, LED backlight manufacturers of all ages have begun large quantities In production, the chip has a special cooling technology, the current can be used normally in 30ma, high brightness lamp beads 12lm, higher research and development is still bright.

2. Product cost and performance analysis: From the same brightness in the current market 3528/3020 comparison, the latter number more pieces from the entire lighting costs compared to 3014 has an absolute advantage Therefore, the current in the LED lamp heat conductivity is. better product selection.

Cost Reference: 3528 (6 ~ 7LM, 0.15 yuan / pcs) 3014 (9 ~ 10LM, 0.15 yuan / pcs)

Example: Suppose let a fluorescent reach 1200 LM, 3528: 1200 ÷ 6 = 200 lamp beads, 200 * 0.15 = 30 yuan

3014: 1200 ÷ 9 = 134 lamp beads, 134 * 0 15 = 20.1 yuan; at the same power consumption of our cost savings of nearly 30%;.

Three Reliability Analysis: Customer 3000H Found 5 percent lumen.

Four Liang Yu Hao Photoelectric 3014 lamp beads series have if characteristics:

4.1 lamp beads Taiwan New Century chip;

4.2 low-light failure, special cooling technology, low thermal resistance, good thermal conductivity; thermal resistance at 40 ° C / W, generally similar products in 160 ° C / W or so at room temperature test, better than similar products (302,035,285,050);

4.3 high-brightness, when the light intensity in 2400-2800MCD lumens in 8.3 ~ 9LM, when the light intensity in 2800 ~ 3600mcd when lumens at 9 ~ 11lm.

4.4 Development of Small now go West side lamps are light, thin, small line, our SMD LED, LED relative to other, thinner, more convenient design, the thickness of 0.8mm.;

4.5 Consistency Our sub BIN finer, more accurate, 0.1V voltage can do a BIN, 400k color temperature can do a BIN, such that we can meet customer delivery, to meet customer requirements.