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5mmF5 full color RGBled lamp beads

5mmF5 full color RGBled lamp beads
  • 5mmF5 full color RGBled lamp beads
Product code: 24723000001
Unit price: 0.42-0.43 CNY
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Color: RGB Model: F5 Brand: Liang Yu-hao
Category: LED Custom processing: No Size: 5mm
Shape: square piece

F5 pin RGB full color SMD LED

1 Features: 5mm round transparent (haze) package, the regular party piece, full-color special support, product electrical stability, high brightness, color mixing effect is good, no dead lights lit long phenomenon (common cathode, common. Yang according to customer requirements);

2, the product parameters: luminous bands (red: 620-625nm), (blue: 460-470nm), green (510-520nm);

3, Packing: anti-static bag (1000PCS / bag);

4. Scope: electrical and lighting products.

LED lamp beads advantages:

1, energy: low power consumption, power consumption in the same brightness

Only 6% of the amount of ordinary incandescent bulbs.

2, green: no mercury, no electromagnetic interference on the environment.

No harmful rays, while LED can also be recycled

,no pollution.

3, Durable: solid light, highly shock and impact resistant

, Non-normal retirement rate is very small, low maintenance costs.

4, security: low voltage power supply, electric shock protection class

Ⅲ class, low heat cold light source, safe touch.

5, long life: at the right current and voltage.

LED life of up to 100,000 hours.

6, the light emitting very short response time, nanosecond, no lights

Delay, can be repeated frequently light off, almost no inertia.

7, high light efficiency, almost all concentrated in the visible spectrum

Optical frequency; high light purity, without filter, pure color


8, health source, zero flicker, does not make eye fatigue phenomenon, protect eyesight.