F8 pin RGB full color led 8mm legs

F8 pin RGB full color led 8mm legs

Product description:

Color : RGB Model : F8 Brand : Liang Yu-hao
Category : LED Custom processing: Size : 8mm
Shape: square piece

F8 pin RGB full color SMD LED

1 Features : 8mm round transparent ( haze ) package, the regular party piece, full-color special support, product electrical stability, high brightness, color mixing effect is good, no dead lights lit long phenomenon ( common cathode, common. Yang according to customer requirements) ;

2, the product parameters : luminous bands ( red : 620-625nm), ( blue : 460-470nm), green (510-520nm);

3, Packing : anti-static bag (500PCS / bag ) ;

4. Scope: electrical and lighting products.