3mmF3 color led lamp beads

3mmF3 color led lamp beads

Product description:

Color: Color Model: F3 Brand: LYH
Category: LED Custom processing: No Size: 3mm
Shape: square piece

3mm color led

First, the product parameters:

1. Product Name: Ф3 LED lamp beads 2. Color: red and green

3. Color: white mist 4. luminous intensity: mcd

5. Working current: 20ma 6. Operating voltage: 1.9-2.4V

Second, welding Note:

Welding LED No Power

Do not apply any pressure on the LED when heated

Maximum welding parts:

Manual welding wave soldering

A soldering iron a maximum power: 50W A maximum preheat temperature: 100

B Maximum temperature: 300 ℃ B dip soldering maximum temperature: 260 ℃

C C welding the longest three seconds solder dip the most time: 5 seconds

D Welding position: the bottom surface of the road more than 3MM D colloid dip soldering position: the bottom surface of the road more than 3MM colloid

Third, anti-static precautions
All contacts LED equipment and instruments must be grounded;
All contact with the LED must wear an antistatic wrist strap or antistatic gloves; can not pick up the product with bare hands
If LED has been static damage, will show some undesirable characteristics, such as leakage current increase, static forward voltage drop or rise in the low current test does not shine or glow is not normal, when customers use the press (anti-static precautions ) and (welding Note) Operation