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335 warm white SMD led lamp beads

335 warm white SMD led lamp beads
  • 335 warm white SMD led lamp beads
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Colour: white model: 335
Brand : Liang Yu-hao species: led
Custom processing : It is size: 4.0 * 0.8 * 1.4mm
shape: Square piece

335 side-emitting SMD LED Features : side light, angle, small size, good heat dissipation, high brightness, low voltage drive

Dimensions: Length 4.0 mm * Width 0.8mm * 1.4mm thickness

Color: available white, warm white, cool white ( white color temperature can 2500-20000K) red yellow blue orange pink and purple .

Luminous intensity : 700-2000mcd

Recommended use : LED backlight, LED car lights, LED light bars, LED interior lighting other products.

Shaopian orange yellow, brightness 800mcd above! Widely used in various types of electrical and communications backlit digital products can also be made ​​of lights, light box of light !