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JN-ZLL-100 wire and cable ampacity tester

JN-ZLL-100 wire and cable ampacity tester
  • JN-ZLL-100 wire and cable ampacity tester
  • JN-ZLL-100 wire and cable ampacity tester
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JN-ZLL-100 wire and cable ampacity tester (detector, detector)

Scope: This test machine for inspection of wire and cable in certain current role whether visible smoke emitted to judge performance wire and cable carriers.

Features: This instrument has an adjustable high current output, micro-voltage testing, digital display.

The main parameters:

1) Input voltage: AC220V + 10%, 50Hz

2) Working Current:

0 ~ 100A / 0 ~ 200A / 0 ~ 400A / 0 ~ 600A / 0 ~ 1000A adjustable (optional)

3) Timer: 0 ~ 99.99H / M / S adjustable

4) Timing arrive automatically cut off the current

5) meter accuracy: ± 1% + 3 words

Wire and cable ampacity estimate formulas:

Two five multiplied by nine the next, up minus a number to go along.

Thirty five times three five, both groups minus 2.5.

Conditions have changed plus conversion, high-temperature copper 10% upgrade.

The number of two hundred thirty-four wear hose, eighty-seven tickets full flow.


(1) This section formulas for a variety of insulated wire (rubber and plastic insulated wire) carrying capacity (safe current) is not explicitly stated, but 'sectional multiplied by certain multiples' to represent, obtained by mental arithmetic can be seen : multiple-section decreases with

(2) multiplied by nine the next two five, minus a sequence number to go up 'to say is 2.5mm 2 And following the various sectional aluminum insulated wire, its carrying capacity is about nine times the number of cross-section, such as 2.5mm 2 Wire, carrying capacity is 2.5 * 9 = 22.5 (A). From 4mm 2 Multiple relationships over ampacity conductors and section along the line number and the number is up row, multiple successive reduction l, that is, 4 * 86 * 710 * 616 * 525 * 4.

(3) three five thirty-five times, both groups minus point five ', that is the 35mm' wires carrying capacity is 3.5 times the number of cross-section, namely 35 * 3.5 = 122.5 (A). From 50mm 2 And more than 2 wires, its carrying capacity multiple relationship between the number of cross-section and into two two-line number as a group, multiple sequence minus 0.5. That is 5070mm 2 Ampacity conductor cross-section is three times the number; 95120mm 2 Wires carrying capacity is 2.5 times the number of cross-sectional area, and so on.

(4) the conditions have changed plus conversion, high temperature 10% copper upgrade 'above formulas are aluminum insulated wire for surface under the conditions of 25 ℃ ambient temperature dependent. If the aluminum insulated wire at ambient temperature for surface long-term high in the region of 25 ℃, wire ampacity calculation method is calculated according to the above formulas, then you can call 10%; when not using aluminum but insulated copper wire, its carrying capacity is slightly larger than the same size aluminum Some, according to the above method of calculating formulas ratio of aluminum to increase the carrying capacity of a line number, such as 16mm 2 Carrying capacity of copper, according to 25mm 2 Aluminum calculations.