GY series insert tri-cone drill bits for oil well drilling

GY series insert tri-cone drill bits for oil well drilling

Product description:

GHJ series tri-cone rock bits with metal-sealing bearing system for oil well drilling.

Main structure features:

1. This series adopts non-isometry teeth placement in combination with optimized teeth height and shape.

2. Applying the world's latest sealing technology, metal face sealing ensures the bearing the bearing sealing is more efficient, and more suitable for drilling at high rotary speed and high tem-perature working condition.

3. New materl is applied on the part of gate protecting, and rducing the friction from oil well wall; improving quality of well wall, protecting the back of leg and seal.

4. Bit's bear is enhancedtreatment, and prolonging te bit working life, reducing the drilling cost.

Main parameters of GHJ series tri-conerock bits for oil well drilling:

Type IADC Bit Sze (inch) Standard API pin shank size (inch) Wight (KG)

8-1/2GHJ437T 437 8-1/2 4-1/2REG 42

8-1/2GHJ447T 447 8-1/2 4-1/2REG 42

8-1/2GHJ517T 517 8-1/2 4-1/2REG 42

8-1/2GHJ437G 437 8-1/2 4-1/2REG 42

8-1/2GHJ517G 517 8-1/2 4-1/2REG 42

9-12GHJ437T 437 9-1/2 6-5/8REG 60

9-1/2GHJ447T 447 9-1/2 6-5/8REG 60

9-1/2GHJ517T 517 9-1/2 6-5/8REG 60

9-1/2GHJ437G 437 9-1/2 6-5/8REG 60

9-1/2GHJ51G 517 9-1/2 6-5/8REG 60

12-1/4GHJ437T 437 12-1/4 6-5/8REG 98

12-1/4GHJ517T 517 12-1/4 6-5/8REG 98

Drilling parameters of GHJ series tri-cone rock bits for well drilling:

1, Very soft with low compressive strength, such as soft marl, clay, unconsolidated sandstorm, salt, etc.

Recommended Bit type: GHJ437, Drilling weight: 0.35~0.90 KN/ mm, Rotary speed, 300~60 r/ m.

2, Soft with low comprssive strength, such as shale, clay, sadstne, soft limestone, etc.

Recommended Bit type: GHJ517, Drilling weight: 0.35~1.05 KN/ mm, Rotary speed, 250~60 r/ m.

3, Medium soft with hard abrasive treak, such as hard shale, soft limestone, sandstone, etc.

Recommended Bit type: GHJ537, Drilling weight 0.5~1.05 KN/ mm, Rotary speed, 200~40 r/ m.