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API Kingdream 8 1\2' HAT 637G TCI Bit For Oil Well Drilling

API Kingdream 8 1\2' HAT 637G TCI Bit For Oil Well Drilling
  • API Kingdream 8 1\2' HAT 637G TCI Bit For Oil Well Drilling
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API Kingdream 8 1/2 HAT637G TCI bit for oil well drilling

1. High precision journal bearing with two thrust faces. Head bearing surface is hard faced. Cone

bearing is inlaid with friction reducing alloy and silver-plated. The load capacity and seizure

resistance of the bearing is greatly improved.

2. Precise metal face seal. The two dynamic axial sealing rings of the sealing system are metal

seals, and two highly elastic rubber energizers are seated separately in head and cone

sealing areas functioning as static seals. Optimized sealing compression ensures good contact

between the two metal sealing faces at all times.
3. Ball locked cone, suitable for high rotary speed.
4. All-rubber compensator is used which can limit pressure differential and prevent drilling

fluid from entering the lubrication system and this provides the bearing system with good

assurance of lubrication.
5. New type of wear resistant grease that can sustain high temperature up to 250°C is utilized.
6. High wear resistance and excellent cutting ability of the insert bit are given by using carbide

compacts with high strength and high toughness in combination with optimized number of

compacts and rows, compact exposure height and special shaped compacts. For steel tooth bit.

the tooth surface is hard faced with new type of wear resistant material and thus working life

of the cutting structure is extended while high.