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API TCI Tricone Rock Bit\Steel Tooth Bit\Roller Rock Bit\Tricone Drill Bit

API TCI Tricone Rock Bit\Steel Tooth Bit\Roller Rock Bit\Tricone Drill Bit
  • API TCI Tricone Rock Bit\Steel Tooth Bit\Roller Rock Bit\Tricone Drill Bit
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API TCI Tricone Rock Bit/ Steel Tooth Bit/ Roller Rock Bit/ Tricone Drill Bit

Hejian Guangtong Rock Bits Manufacture Co., Ltd

is located in Junziguan Industrial District, Hejian city, Hebei province, where is the mian source of drill bits manufacturing and distribution of china. Our bits basing on high-tech skills and designs are used in the exploitation off natural gas, crude oil , water well , geological and underground foundation work all over the world. All of our products are in accord with API and ISO standards.

Reet XS steel tooth tricone bit for oilfield drilling

1. With high precision bearings with neck to slide, two way thrust bearing; tooth palm bearing surfact surfacing hard alloy and cone bearing with reduced after welding together gold sliver, improve the bearing capacity and resistence to bite ability.

2. The high precision metal seal, metal seal by a pair of elaborate design processing of metal sealing ring as bearing to dynamic seals, two high elastic rubber function circle, which located in the teeth palm and die as static sealing seal area, the optimization of the seal compression ensures that the two metal ring seal surface always kept in good contact.

3. Steel ball lock die, suitable for the high speed.

4. The differential pressure and prevent drilling fluid restrictions in the lubricating system all rubber oil storage sac, for bearing system provides good lubrication guarantee.

5.250. c temperature the high temperature, abrasion resistance of new grease.

6. Set the teeth bit high strength and high toughness carbide gear, optimize the design of the tooth row number gear, toothy height and unique alloy tooth shape, give full paly to the set high wear resistence and excellent teeth bit of cutting ability. steel teeth drill tooth face apply welding new wear-resistant materials, in keep steel teeth bit high mechanical penetration rate at the same time, improve the drill bit cutting teeth life.

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Button/ Insert tooth bit Milled/ Steel tooth bit


116 117 12 6127 136 137 216 217 226 226 316 317 326 327 336 337 115 125 135 215 225 235 315 325 335 114 124 214 314 111 121 131 346 347

417 427 437 517 527 537 617 627 637 737 837 832 415 425 435 445 525 625 635 416 427 436 446 447 516 526 537 547 516 536 535

Available Sizes:

From 2 7/8 to 26'

larger sizes for hole opener bit , reamer bit


Strong resistance to abrasion and impact resistance.

Cutter's quality performance is good .

Long work life

Stocks adequate, time delivery

Rich experience in drill bit

Good after-sales service

High quality, competitive price

Bearing type:

Sealed bearing and non-sealed bearing

A (aircooled bearing type)

GJ ( metal sealed roller bearing )

HJ (metal sealed journal bearing)

HA (rubber sealed journal bearing

Formation or layer

soft , medium soft , hard, medium hard, very hard formation

Button size (extra features)

Button bit, saw teeth

1) Y-Conical teeth 2) X-chisel teeth

3) K- wide teeth

4) G- Gague protection


Alloy steel , carbide


Wooden case or steel case

Payment terms

T/ T, L/ C, Western union

Delivery terms

By sea or by air

Delivery time

Within 3 to 7 days


Canada, USA, Middle east , Africa, Europe


Petroleum&gas , water well , mining and tectonic industries , oil field, construction, geothermal, directional boring, and underground foundation work