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Insert Tooth Tricone Bits For Rock Drilling

Insert Tooth Tricone Bits For Rock Drilling
  • Insert Tooth Tricone Bits For Rock Drilling
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Developed a three-cone drill CAD system, the parameters of the three-cone drill drawing is very necessary. Because the three-cone drill is also a kind of work.Theoveralldesignofthesystemthree-conedrillparametric drawing systemfunctionmodularprogrammingmethod, the wholesystem is divided intofourfunctional modules: user interfacemanagement module, drillthetooth surfacestructuredesign module, the databasemanagement module, parametricdrawingmodule. User interface design, embedded inAutoCADVBAsecondary development tools. Theuserthrough the user interfacemodule, enterthethree-conedrill bitdesignparametersto achievehuman-computerexchange of information.

Drill the tooth surface structure design module main function is to calculate the three-cone drill bit according to the theory ofthree-cone drill bit design complex design data. The database management module is established by the data in tabular form in Access 2003 database.Thisdrillisveryuseful, as well as wemust pay attention tothenext, theuseofthis tool.

Drill Bit Detailed Description

Cone bit as a rock-drilling tools have been widely used in drill performance improvements directly reduce the cost of drilling, especially in the past decade most improved.