Oil And Gas Drilling Equipment, Steel Tooth Tricone Bit

Oil And Gas Drilling Equipment, Steel Tooth Tricone Bit

Product description:


Hejian Chuanda Rock Drill Machinery Co. , Ltd. islocated in Hebei Province of China. We are a professional supplier of new andused (rebuilt) drill bits used for oil fields and water wells, includingtricone bits, PDC bits and drill pipes. Various models and dimensions areavailable. Here, our experienced staff to assist you all the options bit, andshipped around the world.

We focus on improving the qualityof products at the same time, reduce total cost to satisfy every customer'sdemand and purchasing target. With many years of experience, products, contact, sustained excellence in customer service and technology, will provide the bestquality products and services in the world all customers. To establish along-term relationship of cooperation, the world of the customers is oureternal goal.

We also import junk triconebits and pdc bits. Please feel free to contact us for further communication.