Insert Tooth Tricone Rock Bit, Api Drilling Tools

Insert Tooth Tricone Rock Bit, Api Drilling Tools

Product description:

Product introduction: structure characteristics:

1. Using floating bearingstructure, the floating element made of new materials with high strength, highelasticity, high temperature resistance, high wear resistance characteristicsand surface bear solid lubricants treatment. While lower side relative linearvelocity bearing, reduce the friction surface temperature rise, thus caneffectively improve the high pressure or high speed drill bearing life andreliability of bearing hole conditions.

2. It uses precision metalseal. Metal sealing ring is the bearing axial dynamic seal.Tricone bit using the basicconditionswhich consists of a pair of elaborate design and processingof metal. Two high elastic rubber ring are respectively located in the energysupply tusks and cone sealing area as a static seal, seal compression ensuresthat the two metal ring sealing surface always maintain good contactoptimization.

3. The ball locking cone, adapt to high speed.

4. It uses limit pressure andprevents the rubber tube drilling fluid into the lubrication system, whichprovides good lubrication for the bearing system.