Drilling Equipment, Mining Bit Tricone Drill Bit

Drilling Equipment, Mining Bit Tricone Drill Bit

Product description:

Tricone Drill Bit Details

1, bearing type O sealing ring is wear-resistant, hightemperature resistant high saturation NBR, increase the sealing ring sectionreduces the pressure seal, carefully designed sealing convex platform outsidethe improved seal reliability.

2, USES the steel ball or card lock reed cone way, cardlock can endure high reed drilling pressure, steel ball to lock the can adaptto high speed.

3 the differential pressure and prevent drilling fluidrestrictions in the lubricating system all rubber oil storage sac, for bearingsystem provides good lubrication guarantee.

4, 250 degree temperature the high temperature, abrasionresistance of new grease.

5, set foot drill using high strength and high toughnesscarbide gear, optimize the design of the tooth row number, gear, toothy heightand unique alloy tooth shape, give full play to the set feet high wearresistance and excellent bit of cutting ability. Ruler bit tooth face applywelding new wear-resistant materials, and to maintain the mechanical drill bitruler speed at the same time, improve the drill bit cutting teeth life.