3 Cone Bit For Geothermal Well, Soft Formation Roller Bit

3 Cone Bit For Geothermal Well, Soft Formation Roller Bit

Product description:

The mainstructure characteristics:

1. Uses the highstrength and high toughness of cemented carbide tooth, which improves theability to resist impact teeth and reduce tooth broken rate;

2. Optimizationdesign of the tooth row number, number of teeth, teeth height and unique alloytooth shape gives full play to the bit cutting and cutting speed;

3. Use circliplocking cone, which can bear high pressure;

4. Antifrictionalloy inner hole weld increases bearing anti-seizure ability;

5. Use highsaturation Ding nitrile rubber O – ring andTricone bitseal compression optimization improves the reliability ofbearing seal;

6. Use the limitpressure and prevent the rubber tube drilling fluid into the lubricationsystem, which supply good lubrication for the bearing system and ensure thatthe O ring the normal work and improve the work life of drill bit;

7. Use new grease which canbear high temperature of 250 and low wear, which improvethe ability of bit sealed lubrication system of high temperature resistance.