12 1\4 Inch Tricone Drill Bit, Hard Formation Tci Drill Bit

12 1\4 Inch Tricone Drill Bit, Hard Formation Tci Drill Bit

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The most widelyused one in oil drilling and geological drilling is cone bit. Cone bit is ofimpact, crushing and shearing crushing rock role in rotation, so cone bit canadapt to various strata of soft, medium and hard. Especially after theappearance of jet type roller bit and rock bit cone bit nozzle, the drillingspeed is greatly improved, which is a great revolution in the history of thedevelopment of cone bit. Cone bit by tooth type can be divided into milling (steel teeth) teeth roller bit. (rock inlaid on the hard alloy tooth rollercone bit; according to the cone number) can be divided into single, double coneroller, roller and a three roller bit. At present, at home and abroad, the mostcommon and most used one is three cone bit.

In the oildrilling industry and all kinds of cone bits, it is an important andindispensable part of roller bit, but for some of drilling industry, the priceis too high, which has led some drilling industry had a great interest in thesecondary cone bit. Its price is low and quality is reliable (in petroleumdrilling using only the life of 1/3) , reduces a lot of cost for drillingindustry. So the second hand of cone bit has become an important part for somedrilling industry.

Belonging catalog: HubeiJianghan three cone bit

Product name: 311mm rubber seal of three cone bit

Productintroduction: H series drill head is O shaped rubber sealing sliding bearingdrill, drill press can bear higher in the conventional speed.

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