Oil And Gas Drilling Equipment, Mining Rock Tools

Oil And Gas Drilling Equipment, Mining Rock Tools

Product description:


1. Tungsten carbide insert bit of high strength and toughness is toincrease the impact resistance of cutter and decrease the breakage rate.

2. Widely used in oil exploration, subterranean heat. Hydrology wellingdrilling and so on.

3. It is almost suitable for hard rocks, such as limestone, dolomite, chert, firm sandstone, firm anhydrite and so on.

4. According to your request, all sorts of products can be customized.

5. Large quantity of products are in stock to meet the your special need.

6. IADC: journal bearing 417 427 437 447517 527 537 547, 617 627 637 647737, 837.

7. roller bearing 415 435 445, 515 535 , 615 625 635

2013 high quality tricone button milledtooth drilling tools supplier-Guangtong

TCI tricone bit (high thoughness and durablity stuiable for different rockformation)
1. high temperature and wear resistance
2. IADC code suitable for different formation
3. best price, quality