Oilfield Tricone Drill Bit, Tci Tricone Rock Bit For Hard Formation

Oilfield Tricone Drill Bit, Tci Tricone Rock Bit For Hard Formation

Product description:

Tricone bit Cutting structure: very long widely spaced, chisel-shaped inserts and considerable cone axis offset against center line ofbit ensure very high penetration rate . To secure the bit from diameter loss, the gage protection inserts have got shorter length and greater angle of thetop. Formations: long intervals of very soft poorly compacted shale, sandstone, clays, salts and soft mestones. Size and IADC available: 2 7/8 to26 IADC 114 117 216 217 317 321 417 437 517 537 617 637 and so on.

TCI 437 soft formationtci tricone bits

The 437 tci bitsare used to drill low compressive strength very soft formation tci bitsmaximize the use of bothconical and chisel tungsten carbide inserts of largediameters and high projection. This cutting structure design combined withmaximum cone offset , results in high bit penetration rates. the deep intermeshof cutter rows prevents bit bailing in sticky formations.

TCI 517 mediumformation tci tricone bits

The 517 featuresaggressive chisel tungsten carbide inserts on the heel rows and inner rows thisdesign provides a fast drilling rate and added cutting structure durability inmedium to medium hard for mations the HSN rubber o-ring provides adequatesealing for bearing durability.