Water Well Drilling Bit, Tricone Bits For Sale

Water Well Drilling Bit, Tricone Bits For Sale

Product description:

1. Brief introduction

We are a professional company in supplying tricone bits, steel teeth bits, single cone bits, and PDC bits.

Bits sizes range from 3 7/8 to 26'. and cover almost all IADC codes.It can be used in various of

different fields, mining, hydrology, subterranean heatpilling, water well drilling and oil well drilling.

This type of bits have optimal bearing design, it can be working stably in high WOB, and the qualtiy

tungsten carbide inserts on cone and the gauge make a good wear resistance largely extend the

working life of bits. It is suitable for medium to hard formation.

2. Advantage

1. High-strength, high flexibility, high temperature, high wear resistance.
2. High-precision metal seal.
3. Locking roller ball, to adapt to high-speed.
4. The use of high strength high toughness carbide teeth.
5. Hours in the rotary cone bit with the impact, crushing and shearing the role of broken rock.
6. Cone bit to adapt to the soft, medium and hard of various strata.
7. Reasonable price and long working life.