Rock Roller Bit Products, Tricone Bits For Miningexploration

Rock Roller Bit Products, Tricone Bits For Miningexploration

Product description:

Tricone rock bit of boththe advantages and PDC drill bits, tricone bit more than for both strength andductility are large formations, but also can be applied to PDC bit difficult todeal with hard interlayer and other complex formation.

While still under the mold tricone bit example, the useof things essentials, processing speed, tension, etc. due to failure of thesituation has always been selection. For example: Die tension failure situationis edge wear, we must select high hardness, good wear resistance material; stamping die tension suffered cyclic loading, easy to cause appearance offatigue crack, causing the surface peeling, then to choose looks good toughnessmaterial; drawing die should choose particularly low coefficient of friction ofthe material; casting mold due to cyclic thermal stress, it should choose astrong thermal fatigue of the material; deal with injection mold, when thethree-cone drill, the mold material optional pre-hardened quenched and temperedsteel, when the plastic parts for the high-quality finish, transparentmaterial, the optional corrosion resistant stainless steel, when largequantities of goods, you can choose quenched and tempered steels. Also it isnecessary to consider the acceptance and other parts of the mold materialsmaller affinity to intensify anti-sticking mold parts wear, thus affecting thequality of the mold.

Seal and Lubrication

The advancedmetal seal package consists of two metal seats and two elastic energizers. Compressed energizers ensure good contact being kept on two sealing surfaces ofmetal rings by elastic force, and achieve the bearing seal. In the drilling, metal seal are relatively dynamic, and the energizers are static. This willimprove the reliability and durability of bearing seal. The pressurecompensator system and advanced grease can greatly increase the lubricatingreliability.