Tci Rotary Bit For Mining, Button Bits Rock Drilling Tools

Tci Rotary Bit For Mining, Button Bits Rock Drilling Tools

Product description:

Product introduction: structure characteristics:

1. Using floating bearing structure, the floating element made of new materials with high strength, high elasticity, high temperature resistance, high wear resistance characteristics and surface bear solid lubricants treatment. While lower side relative linear velocity bearing, reduce the friction surface temperature rise, thus can effectively improve the high pressure or high speed drill bearing life and reliability of bearing hole conditions.

2. It uses precision metal seal. Metal sealing ring is the bearing axial dynamic seal, Tricone bit using the basic conditions which consists of a pair of elaborate design and processing of metal. Two high elastic rubber ring are respectively located in the energy supply tusks and cone sealing area as a static seal, seal compression ensures that the two metal ring sealing surface always maintain good contact optimization.

3. Insert bit uses high strength and high toughness of cemented carbide tooth and the optimization design of the tooth row number, number of teeth; teeth height and unique alloy tooth shape give full play to the high wear resistant insert bit and excellent cutting ability. Steel tooth bit tooth surface welding of new wear-resistant material, while keeping the steel tooth bit high mechanical drilling speed, it improve the service life of bit cutting teeth.