Tci Rotary Rock Roller Bit, Tricone Bit Supplier

Tci Rotary Rock Roller Bit, Tricone Bit Supplier

Product description:

Productintroduction: H series drill head is O shaped rubber sealing sliding bearingdrill, drill press can bear higher in the conventional speed. The mainstructure characteristics:

1. Uses the highstrength and high toughness of cemented carbide tooth, which improves theability to resist impact teeth and reduce tooth broken rate;

2. Optimizationdesign of the tooth row number, number of teeth, teeth height and unique alloytooth shape gives full play to the bit cutting and cutting speed;

3. Use circliplocking cone, which can bear high pressure;

4. Antifrictionalloy inner hole weld increases bearing anti-seizure ability;

5. Use highsaturation Ding nitrile rubber O – ring andTricone bitseal compression optimization improves the reliability ofbearing seal;

6. Use the limitpressure and prevent the rubber tube drilling fluid into the lubricationsystem, which supply good lubrication for the bearing system and ensure thatthe O ring the normal work and improve the work life of drill bit;

7. Use new greasewhich can bear high temperature of 250 ℃ and low wear, which improve theability of bit sealed lubrication system of high temperature resistance.

Construction Site

This drill can be patented directional inserts andchisel tipped teeth, and in the direction perpendicular to the cutting meansmounted teeth, so that a greater amount of rock cutting, while increasing ROP. Moreover, the directional gear to provide uniform pressure, because the teethprevent the corners of the tooth to withstand high loads, thus reduces thecrushing teeth and teeth broken.