Rock Drilling Tools, Tci Tricone Drill Bits

Rock Drilling Tools, Tci Tricone Drill Bits

Product description:

1. Optimized Structure Design of theTCI trione bit

1) Trimming teeth reduce the abrasion

2) Optimized teeth shape and thereinforced surfacing material raise the rate of penetration by more than 15.

3) Optimal hydraulic design improves thecross-flow speed and the rate of penetration.

4) Central nozzle on heavy caliber drillbit can clean the teeth to protect the bit from balling

5) Hard alloy teeth of various shapes aresuitable for different formation lithology.

Specifications of the TCI trione bit

1) brand new Insert tooth tricone bit
2) Size range from 3 7/8 to 26, including all IADC code.

3) Insert tooth drill bit

4) Roller bearing