Api 26 Inch M233 Pdc Drill Bit, API Products

Api 26 Inch M233 Pdc Drill Bit, API Products

Product description:

Accordance with theapplicable Industry Classification

1. Geologicalexploration with PDC drill

Mainly used ingeological prospecting exploration PDC drill for soft to medium-hard rock, somemanufacturers are now new research and development of new composite sheet canbe applied to ten hardness of rock.

2. Coalfield drillingusing PDC drill

It is mainly used incoal seam drilling on the excavation. Generally speaking relatively soft coalformations, PDC drill have been widely used, such as anchor bit, three-wingdrill and so on.

3. With PDC drill oilexploration

Mainly used in oiland gas drilling using the drill bit. At present, the oilfield PDC drill is allPDC drill inside the highest cost, requiring the highest. PDC can be said thenobility.

PDCbit operating torque than the same WOB and lower strata conditions, reduceswelling drill buckle small size problems. Tricone rock bit of both theadvantages and PDC drill bits, tricone bit more than for both strength andductility are large formations, but also can be applied to PDC bit difficult todeal with hard interlayer and other complex formation.