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Diamond Drill Bit For Sale, Tricone Rock Bit

Diamond Drill Bit For Sale, Tricone Rock Bit
  • Diamond Drill Bit For Sale, Tricone Rock Bit
  • Diamond Drill Bit For Sale, Tricone Rock Bit
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Classified by bitbody material

1. carcass PDC Bits

Carcass-type PDC (PDC) PDC drill bit is to be welded by brazing carcass in a cutting drill bit. Carcass drill sintered tungsten carbide powder, artificial polycrystallinediamond compact brazed tungsten carbide matrix, and with the natural diamondgage.

2. Steel bodied PDCdrill bit

Steel body PDC bitswith nickel, chromium, and molybdenum alloy machining shape. After heattreatment, drilling the drill bit body, strong synthetic polycrystallinediamond compact push (tight fit) drill bit body with cylindrical tungstencarbide gage.

Used as a cutting edge of PDC bit is called the diamond bit. The drill is a one-piece drill bit, the whole bit no activity components, structure is simple, has high strength, high wear resistance and impact resistance ability, is in the 1980 s one of thethree new skill drilling in the world. Field application proves that thediamond bit drilling in soft hard formation, the over speed, penetration, longlife, smooth obligations, downhole less messy, well bore as well as goodquality homes, annual output to who is the highest in the world, sales volumeis second to none, it is the duty of the good, but we should see, drillingaccessories manufacturers to produce little in our country, and what doesn't improve, the older the length often than often clear the length of the gap between Europe and the United States and other developed countries. First hypothesis because drilling accessories skill is low, produces distractions, produce interaction between length less often, this obstacle we manufacturer communication skill, and curb the spread of way, this is we should absorb the experience, use of roller cone bit imei city has a large communication meeting every year, not only waste of orders, also study other scientific skill, management skill, etc. , on promoting drilling accessories platform spread length often mean it, so, we have also the commencement oftheir own, should produce the world's best manufacturers as a target. Discipline, and improve the development.