PDC Diamond Drill Bit, Core Drilling Bits For Well

PDC Diamond Drill Bit, Core Drilling Bits For Well

Product description:

Classified by bit body material

1. carcass PDC Bits

Carcass-type PDC (PDC) PDC drill bit is to be welded by brazing carcass in a cutting drill bit. Carcass drill sintered tungsten carbide powder, artificial polycrystalline diamond compact brazed tungsten carbide matrix, and with the natural diamond gage.

2. Steel bodied PDC drill bit

Steel body PDC bits with nickel, chromium, and molybdenum alloy machining shape. After heat treatment, drilling the drill bit body, strong synthetic polycrystalline diamond compact push (tight fit) drill bit body with cylindrical tungsten carbide gage.

Accordance with the applicable Industry Classification

1. Geological exploration with PDC drill

Mainly used in geological prospecting exploration PDC drill for soft to medium-hard rock, some manufacturers are now new research and development of new composite sheet can be applied to ten hardness of rock.

2. Coalfield drilling using PDC drill

It is mainly used in coal seam drilling on the excavation. Generally speaking relatively soft coal formations, PDC drill have been widely used, such as anchor bit, three-wing drill and so on.

3. With PDC drill oil exploration

Mainly used in oil and gas drilling using the drill bit. At present, the oilfield PDC drill is all PDC drill inside the highest cost, requiring the highest. PDC can be said the nobility.