TCI Cones Hole Opener Bit With Api Connection

 TCI Cones Hole Opener Bit With Api Connection

Product description:

At some point it may benecessary to increase the size of a pre-drilled hole to a larger diameter or todrill large diameter holes. Hole opener bits are designed specifically for thispurpose. Bits are custom manufactured in a wide range of styles to meet fieldrequirements. A custom hole opener is an effective way of enlarging holes, hence the name Hole Opener'.

The Hole Opener Advantage

1.Straighter Holes- By drilling a smaller hole with a pilot'bit, then attaching that said bit onto the bottom of the the hole opener. Thehole opener will follow the path of the hole drilled by the smaller bit.

2.Larger Holes withSmaller Rigs- Bydrilling a hole in stages, larger holes can be drilled with smaller rigs. Asmaller hole requires less power.

3.Replacing Cutters andCutting Cost- Onmost Hole Opener designs, the cutters can be easily replaced. The cost toreplace a cutter is a fraction of the cost to replace a large tricone rock bit.

4. Cost of Large Rock Bits- Larger diameter rock bits not only cost a lot, theycan be difficult to find. A more economic solution is to use a hole opener thatuses smaller tricone rock bit segments..

5.Flexibility- Hole Openers can be fabricated in just about anysize, and can be configured to drill through any formation.