Single cone bit, sales cone bit

Single cone bit, sales cone bit

Product description:

Single cone drill bit is a kind of slowdown that the rotational speed of the cone is smaller than the speed of the drill, mainly in chaos breaking rock cut, suitable for high speed, high pressure drilling sidetracking of old wells, old wells deepened slim hole drilling and other operations.

1, Applications more widely, not only for side drilling, and can be used in deep wells .

2, Working torque ratio PDC Bit lower, small size can be reduced under the same conditions WOB and formation drill buckle inflation problem, avoid underground accidents.

3, Both single cone drill tricone bit and PDC Drill advantage, but also a lack of both Mizu respectively, than the three -cone bit more suitable for large plastic formation, but also can be applied to PDC Bit difficult to deal with hard interlayer and other complex formations.

4, With downhole drill motor can achieve high speed and require special drilling .