Hdd Hole Openers, Drill Bit Manufacturer

Hdd Hole Openers, Drill Bit Manufacturer

Product description:

Products: Hole Openers

Chuanda Bit is a manufacturer of custom builthole openers. All hole openers can be quoted with new or re-run mill tooth orTCI cutters. We can build bit of any size or specification.

Horizontal Hole Openers are used to enlarge thepilot hole in Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) - HDD is used whentrenching and excavating is not practical. This drilling technology allows fora steerable trenchless way to drill underground. There are three stages, thefirst stage is to drill a small diameter pilot hole. The second stage isenlarge the hole with a larger diameter cutting tool called a Reamer or a HoleOpener. The third stage is inserting the casing pipe or other product into theenlarged hole.

Here at Chuanda Bit we understand that every jobis different and calls for its own special tool. We work with our customers tobuild a reamer that is perfect for their job. At Chuanda Bit not only do webuild custom hole openers, we also do complete hole opene rebuilds.