FDH-1101 Engine Oil Oxidation Stability Tester

FDH-1101 Engine Oil Oxidation Stability Tester

Product description:

Engine oil oxidation stability analysis Applied standards: SH/ T0299 this instrument for the detection of engine oil oxidation stability. When tested under specified conditions, the sample oxidation, with the samples before and after the change in mass of metal sheet, 50 ℃ kinematic viscosity changes, oxidation pentane insolubles and the pH of the sample vapor to score with a total score to indicates the oxidation stability of the sample. The lower the total score, the better oxidation stability.

Function Features

1, The instrument for the desktop, including the Heating method bath and precise flowmeters.
2, ceramic coated stainless steel structure;
3, environmentally friendly metal bath heated to reduce soot on the human body injury, efficient thermal insulation;
4, stainless steel heater;
5, very accurate flowmeter with needle, flow 0 ~ 200mll/ min;
6, the air filter with glass wool;
7, thermostat and PID microprocessor control, digital display of temperature, Precision 0.1 ℃, Pt100 RTD temperature probes;
8, the working Temperature range: room temperature ~ 200 ° C; security measures to prevent overHeating method or low level;

Technical parameters

1, Temperature control: PID digitalTemperature controller imported
2, Temperature control precision: room temperature ~ 165 ± 0.1 ℃
3, Total Power: 1.5KW
4, Flow control: Precision Flowmeter
5 Power supply: AC220V/ 50Hz
6, Timing mode : digital timer