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FDR-1801 Carbon residue tester (electric furnace method)

FDR-1801 Carbon residue tester (electric furnace method)
  • FDR-1801 Carbon residue tester (electric furnace method)
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FDR-1801 Carbon residue tester (electric furnace method)
Application range
Electric furnace process carbon residue tester is designed and manufactured according to the requirements specified by the the the National Petrochemical industry standard SH/ TO170 petroleum products Determination of carbon residue (electric furnace method) , applicable to the determination of the lubricating oil, heavy liquid fuel or other petroleum products carbon residue.
1, the instrument uses the integrated structure design, furnace and controller to form a complete whole new aesthetic.
2, digital temperature controller, main heating and auxiliary heating function, auxiliary heating according to the needs of both automatic control can be manually controlled, easy to use.
3, the highest temperature up to 520 ° C furnace temperature control accuracy up to full temperature control within ± 5 ℃, meet the test requirements.
3 instrument for desktop structure, furnace furnace four hole, four samples can be placed at the same time at the same time test, test high efficiency.
1. Power supply: AC220V ± 10% 50Hz
2. Input Power: 1500W
3. Ambient temperature: room temperature ~ +30 ℃
4. Temperature range: +520 ℃
(;5) .Temperature control accuracy: ± 5 ℃
6. Temperature sensing element: Thermocouple