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PDC Drill Bits

PDC Drill Bits
  • PDC Drill Bits
  • PDC Drill Bits
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Other info: 1000KG
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Detailed Product Description

1. diamond drill bits are durable, with high quality and reasonable price .
2 increased gauge protection on gauge
3. PDC bits

PDC single core bits for water well drilling

1. Introduce of diamond bit manufacturer

Hejian Guangtong Drilling equipment Co. , ltd specializes in designing, manufacturing, marketing and serving the high performance diamond bits and drilling tools used in petroleum industry . The company is established by the top experts of the field , and equipped with advanced equipments and facilities .

Our diamond bits is with high quality, which ranging from 3'to 17-1/2'. All the products have been awarded the ISO9001 certificate.

Furthermore, the experienced and knowledgeable service team will ensure all the superior performance of our products in both the domestic and international market.

With our service pursuit Drilling requirement initially , Customer satisfaction finally , we assure the products the best quality by adopting advanced design technology , manufacturing process and strict qu

ality control . Our company will always improve and innovate to satisfy different needs for all users in the entire world.

2. certificate of pec bit

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1.5 Blades and Capacious Flume
Symmetrical parabola crown profile, asymmetrical bit blades , the cutters are distributed as the curve and the gauge is designed spiral so that the stability of the bit is encouraged. Besides that the edge of gauge is enhanced by extra cutters. The flow roomage is optimal designed so that the mud and rock granule can be clear easily in drilling.
2. High wear resistance cutters. High performance PDC cutters optimal designed highly increased the efficiency of drilling.
3. Oppose-circumnutation designed. The load on bit is balanced, and the journal libration is decreased as well as the stabilization of directional drilling is enhanced.
4. This type of bits are suitable for medium to hard formation.

Please specify the following on enquiry.
Bit body
IADC code
Number of blades
Main Cutter size
Thread Connection
Drilling formation