OPGW cable manufacturers

OPGW cable manufacturers

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Beijing OPGW Cable factory. OPGW Cable Professional manufacturers, Tianrun a boat telephone 15810738302, manufacturers can be traced straight cheap quality fast delivery cycle

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To put it simply: is the high voltage transmission lines and high-altitude aircraft installed with fiber optic cable, because this structure both the ground and the dual function of communication, so called optical fiber composite overhead ground wire is generally called OPGW cable.

Because the fiber itself has anti-electromagnetic interference advantages, light weight, so it can be installed together with the overhead high voltage power lines, regardless of frame hanging position and electromagnetic corrosion problems. Therefore, OPGW fiber optic cable has a higher reliability, mechanical performance, low cost and so on.

This technique when the newly installed or replace existing ground particularly suitable and economical.

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RRT China Ltd. Beijing is the largest research and development of optical fiber and cable wire and cable manufacturer .ADSS cables, indoor cables, outdoor optic cable, OPGW cable, all kinds of cables and special cables special needs customized cable integrated enterprise.
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