Water-cooled screw chillers cryogenic industry

Water-cooled screw chillers cryogenic industry

Product description:

product description

Low-temperature brine -cooled screw unit
1, the unit adopts the international advanced semi-hermetic screw compressors, motors, screw integration, worry no leakage of seal; microcomputer control; double units have the power to stop the cycle of the control system, a balanced set off on extended service life of the components .
2, low temperature brine unit is the company set many years of design and production experience, the advantages of a comprehensive domestic product design and development of new chillers, available water temperature 0 ℃ ~ -40 ℃ glycol solution or saline solution ( anti-corrosion evaporator design ) .
3, the cooling capacity range : 16KW ~ 1202KW.
4, auxiliary equipment : water cooled screw unit must be configured cryogenic brine cooling tower, cooling water pumps, chilled water pumps .
5. Installation conditions: the unit is suitable for installation indoors.
6, unit design : Industrial 24 hours non-stop operation .

Product Specifications

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