Flooded water-cooled screw chiller industry

Flooded water-cooled screw chiller industry

Product description:

product description

1, the machine adopts international advanced semi-hermetic screw compressors, motors, screw integration, worry no leakage of seal; Siemens microcomputer control; dual power units have stopped the cycle of the control system, the use of balanced open to extend the shutdown of the components of the unit life; efficient use of flooded evaporators, loaded with energy efficiency up to 5.4, greatly reducing the cost.
2, the cooling capacity range : 309KW ~ 1859KW
3, the cold water temperature : 4-20 degrees adjustable
4. Scope: cold water production process requires between 4 degrees to 20 degrees; workshop Ambient temperature between 20 degrees to 28 degrees ( as shop air conditioner use ) ;
5, auxiliary equipment : cooling towers, cooling water pump .
6. Installation conditions: the unit is suitable for installation indoors.
7, unit design : Industrial 24 hours non-stop operation .

Product Specifications

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