Purify air-conditioning chillers dedicated

Purify air-conditioning chillers dedicated

Product description:

product description

1, the unit adopts the international advanced scroll compressor; microcomputer control system; no configuration other auxiliary equipment to use; with standard water chiller module interfaces and modular control functions can be increased or decreased cell module according to production load, you can to achieve maximum energy saving.
2, four standard cooling capacity : 55KW, 65KW, 80KW, 95KW ( size modules can be freely combined )
3, the cold water temperature : 4-20 degrees adjustable .
4. Scope: production process chilled water temperature requirements between -5 degrees to 20 degrees, can be used as air-conditioning plant host .
5. Installation conditions: the unit is suitable for installation indoors.
6, unit design : Industrial 24 hours non-stop operation .

Product Specifications

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