Water-cooled screw chiller industry

Water-cooled screw chiller industry

Product description:

product description

Water-cooled screw chillers Products
1, the machine adopts international advanced semi-hermetic screw compressors, motors, screw integration, worry no seal leakage, the compressor capacity modulation using four systems to ensure that when the power to minimize the impact on power; PLC programmable controller double life cycle of head unit has stopped power control system, balanced off on extended units of each member; touch screen microcomputer control
2, the cooling capacity range : 108KW ~ 4090KW
2, the chilled water outlet temperature : Standard unit 5 to 20 degrees adjustable water temperature can be ordered outside this range of non-standard units .
3. Scope: production process chiller, central air conditioner .
4, auxiliary equipment : Water-cooled screw unit must be configured cooling towers, cooling water pumps, chilled water pumps, fan coil units, air box, air handling units .
5, installation conditions : water-cooled screw unit suitable for installation indoors.
6, unit design : 24 hours non-stop operation .

Product Specifications

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