Dirt suction blasting machine

Dirt suction blasting machine

Product description:

product description

One, Unit Features

1, suction dirt

In addition to embroider

Efficient sterilization
CDC detected by the province, make Legionella pneumophila from positive into negative, sterilization rate of 100 %.

Off bath

Environmental Protection
Purely physical process, not add any chemicals circulating water, non-corrosive pipes, does not cause secondary pollution.

Energy Saving

250kw electric refrigeration units a year by seven months the amount calculated as follows: 250 * 7 * 30 * 12 = 630,000 kilowatts

( 1 ) according to 54% power saving 1.6mm scale computing equivalent of duct 54 percent increase in energy consumption ( saving 340 200 degrees)
( 2) The calculation of equivalent power saving by 31% increase in energy pipeline scale 0.9mm 31% ( saving 195 300 degrees)
(3) The calculation of the equivalent of 7.9 percent energy-saving pipe scale 0.2 ~ 0.3mm 7.9 percent increase in energy consumption ( saving 49770 degrees

Second, the use of cooling towers dirt suction effect in addition to the process of embroidery machine

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