Air-cooled industrial chillers box

Air-cooled industrial chillers box

Product description:

product description

1, the unit adopts the international advanced scroll compressor; microcomputer control system; no configuration other auxiliary equipment can be used; dual head unit, even if a group of maintenance or failure, another group can also be used as usual; a smaller capacity chillers bottom with casters, easy to move .
2, the cooling capacity range : 4.6 ~ 129.2KW
3, the cold water temperature : 14 to 20 degrees adjustable 2, -5 to 4 degrees adjustable.
4. Scope: production process chilled water temperature requirements between -5 degrees to 20 degrees (depending on production needs, choose a different water temperature of the unit ) .
5. Installation conditions: the unit is suitable for installation indoors or installed in the indoor air duct connected to the outdoors.
6, unit design : Industrial 24 hours non-stop operation .

Product Specifications

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