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Kingdream Drill Bt For Size

Kingdream Drill Bt For Size
  • Kingdream Drill Bt For Size
  • Kingdream Drill Bt For Size
  • Kingdream Drill Bt For Size
  • Kingdream Drill Bt For Size
Product code: 24675500001
Unit price: 400-3000 USD
Price unit:
Minimum order:
Other info: 3000KG Blue Gold
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1. Specifications about our products

The strength and wear resistance of inserts are improve

1. Roller bits for Mining and Rock Drilling
The strength and wear resistance of inserts are improve by using carbide inserts with high strength and high wear resistance.
Surface of the high precision bearing heat treated by using advanced heat treatment process to improve the load capacity and service life of the bearing.
The service life of the bearing is further extended by adopting harder and mort wear resistant material for thrust bearing.
Preventing reflux structure has dual function, it can avoid air counterflow and dust entering into bearing when the air-compressor stop working accidentally, and separate air and water in order to avoid water entering into bearing when it works normally to prolong the life of bearing.

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7. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How to place an inquiry or order?


There are several ways order our products:

Order by E-mail: send the order with detailed description to our Email, you can find our email address below, or our website www.bestrockbits.com

Talk on Instant Messenger: Skype: chinarockbit

Order by FAX: You can print out a copy of your order and fax it anytime to us at + 86-317-3187373

Order by TEL: If you'd prefer to talk to a live person, you have the option to call us at 0086 13315786903 at any time.

2. About lead time and transportation?


The lead time depend on the quantity of order. Usually ship by sea / ocean, small or urgent order we can deliver by air.

According to the distance from china to your port / destination, usually from northern China to European about 30 days to Hamburg 35 days to UK and France, 38 days to Italy. To West of North America is about 20 days, Eastern North Amerca is about 32 days, Eastern Africa is about 30 days, South Afria 35 days, Western Africa 60 days. To Western South America about 30 ~ 35 days, to Western Southh America 40 days, eg Santos Brazil. To Austrilia is about 30 days. To Japan is about 7 days, to East-south Asia is always less than 15 days.

3. Can I expect a quality products?


Yes. All our activities are certificated by ISO and API, we have many regular customers in many countries and regions who are trading or drilling contractors. We have very good reputation in drilling field.

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