Baby shoes 7 colors in women's boots boots boots with fringed boots

Baby shoes 7 colors in women's boots boots boots with fringed boots

Product description:

  • Brand positioning:

    Focus on the creation of CDer pursues high quality style, cute sexy girl feeling, or elegant luxurious style Queen, fully meet the beauty and freedom of pursuit of beauty;

    Brand idea:

    European, Korean fashion on the basis of integration of oriental elements in order to show themselves, to discover the beauty as the main design direction, CDer, see the most beautiful you;

    Style idea:

    Fashion sexy, youthful and lovely, elegant luxury element, while stressing that can be worn in comfort, Joker, in order to show the beauty of confidence, freedom of life charm.

  • Item no: 89

  • Listed by year: the fall of 2013

  • Style: Europe and America

  • Upper material: leather/PU

  • Material: oil on canvas

  • Leather features: nubuck leather

  • Sole material: rubber

  • Boots name: fringed boots

  • Cylinder height: tall boots

  • Toe: round head

  • Height: (3-5cm)

  • Heel shape: increased

  • Closed: Socket

  • Popular elements: tassel

  • Production process: adhesive shoes

  • Color: light brown (winter and thicken) natural color (winter and thicken) flawless beige (winter and thicken) fashion pink (winter and thicken) lucky black (winter and thicken), light brown (gauze) natural color (gauze) flawless beige (gauze) fashion pink (gauze) lucky black (MeSH)

  • Size: 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43