Wardrobe sliding door pulley | Closet sliding door pulley | factory outlets | 100 from the grant (SH-01B)

Wardrobe sliding door pulley | Closet sliding door pulley | factory outlets | 100 from the grant (SH-01B)

Product description:

thickness: Sheet thickness of 1, thick round 8 species: Shift door pulley
Custom processing: It is Materials: Electrophoresis steel, nickel-plated
Maximum load: 45kg model: SH-01B
specification: Single wheel, conventional Scope: Aluminum doors, wooden sliding door
use: Moving doors and windows, door, closet door Shaft: 8mm
Diameter: 40mm

Product Description Product Description:

Name: sliding door pulleys, pulley sliding door wardrobe

Specifications: shift door pulley outer diameter = 40mm, inner diameter = 6mm, thickness = 8mm

Shift door pulley outside diameter of = 18mm, inner diameter = 4mm, thickness = 7.5mm

Support frame thickness 1.5mm, 1.2mm, 1mm, 39mm or 35mm pitch pulley

Material: Move thick inner door pulley 608ZZ bearing outsourcing POM

Shift door pulley GB 604ZZ bearing outsourcing PVC

Shift door pulley GB 695ZZ bearing outsourcing PVC

Carriage plate surface electrophoresis black or nickel-plated

Outer contour: Y-shaped groove

Color: white, black or developed according to customer

Uses: Furniture hardware accessories, mobile doors, glass sliding doors, aluminum doors and drawers, etc.

Advantages: 1) Factory direct sales, price concessions, quality assurance;

2) Deep groove ball bearings coated, slip and flexible, no noise, beautiful flawless appearance by instrument processing;

3) 12 years of industry experience, with punching, grinding, instruments, injection molding, automatic assembly machines and automatic assembly line and other advanced equipment, custom processing all types of hardware accessories;

Product Image Product Photo :

package & delivery information Packaging & Delivery :

package: Independent plastic bag, cardboard box

delivery time: Inventory and shipping, bulk orders 30% deposit;

Delivery: Express delivery of small single, large single logistics delivery;

Freight: Courier companies and logistics company in accordance with the standard fee;

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