Willow City, button box | Weng button box | 3 hole yellow button box

Willow City, button box | Weng button box | 3 hole yellow button box

Product description:

Operation: Open-type Rated thermal current: 10 (A)
Working current: 10 (A) Contact resistance: 10 (Ω)
Operating Voltage: 380 (V) Custom processing: It is
Contact structure: Composite button Protection mode: Protection type
Head of protection: IP65 model: XT-3
Brand: XT Mechanical life: 10000 (times)
certified product: CCC Insulation resistance: 10 (MΩ)

Product Name: 3 hole buttons Switch Box

Dimensions: 138.5mm * 72.5mm * 50mm

Material: Flame retardant ABS resin

Protection class: IP65

package: Independent carton packaging

net weight: 132g / a GW: 155g / a

use: Dedicated buttons and electric start housing, protection and control sensors and switches;

Colour : White, yellow

Button box Diameter: 22.5mm

Knockouts diameter: 20mm

Advantage: 1) Factory direct sales, price concessions, quality assurance;

2) Strong dust, water, wear resistance, insulation, sealing well;

Convenient 3) to install, flexible, without special tools;

Product Specifications:
1) dimensions, the height of the box diagram:

2) knockouts position Illustration:

3) Case Mounting hole size chart:

Product Image:

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