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Gifford edge | plated antique copper lotus fragrance furnace reel sandalwood Buddha tea room bedroom creative ornaments Road

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Gifford edge
  • Color Classification: 001 Small bronze trumpet Lotus Lotus Lotus golden bronze trumpet 001 No. 001 No. 001 golden lotus lotus lotus bronze bronze No. 001 001 001 Queen Queen Lotus Golden Lotus 001 large bronze lotus bronze 001 Queen Queen bronze lotus lotus lotus golden bronze large bronze incense burner King King King bronze censer golden censer copper gourd large bronze lotus + + copper gourd large bronze lotus No. bronze lotus + copper gourd No. bronze lotus flowers and copper gourd large bronze and copper gourd large bronze and copper gourd trumpet lotus lotus bronze and copper gourd incense inserted a copper gourd
  • Style: Modern Chinese
  • Application of space: Other temple room
  • Item No: X001
  • Material: Metal

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