Gasket (Yash HSBC) power tube high thermal insulating ceramic | antioxidant, acid, long life

Gasket (Yash HSBC) power tube high thermal insulating ceramic | antioxidant, acid, long life

Product description:

Power tube high thermal conductivity ceramic spacers insulating ceramics anti-oxidation, acid, long service life. Shenzhen Yash HSBC Electronic Materials Co., Ltd. specializes in high thermal conductivity of the ceramic substrate, high thermal conductivity ceramic circuit boards, thermal design has many years of successful experience in customer service to help customers to complete product design requirements of high thermal insulation, we send samples quick, quick delivery, inexpensive, environmentally efficient and high thermal conductivity ceramic substrates and gaskets, high thermal efficiency, thermal conductivity: 24W / M. K; temperature. / high pressure, heat evenly, fast heat dissipation; simple and compact structure, small size, the heating element acid corrosion, durable; in line with the EU ROHS environmental standards generally used: a high-density switching power supply, high-frequency communications equipment, special heating equipment other electronic products

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Shenzhen Yash HSBC Electronic Materials Co., Ltd. is located in Longhua Longhua Longhua Town, Big West exit at high speed. Specializes in heat-conducting material more than 10 years, the company's products include thermal heat conducting filling material, thermal silica films, thermal hot silicone pad, thermal graphite sheet, graphite thermal film, thermal ceramics, silica cloth, silicone heating element (mat), silicone rubber heating film, silicone rubber heaters, silicone rubber drums heaters, thermal silica cloth (film), thermal potting, thermally conductive phase change material, silicone skin (Fujipoly) Silicone Bergquist thermal materials K4, K6, K10 insulation gaskets and other products are widely used in power supplies, LED lighting, welding machines, laptops, LED lighting, set-top boxes, power supply, etc. industry.

The company attaches great importance to build their own scientific and technological innovation system, and Xi'an Jiaotong University, South China University of Technology, and other famous institutions of higher learning, with all-round, multi-level cooperation between scientific research, accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological research and development and new business achievements of new products, continued enhance enterprises' technological innovation capability and core competitiveness, to enable enterprises to enter a virtuous cycle output value, sales, efficiency synchronous growth.
Companies adhering to the 'quality of survival, quality and development' business philosophy, to continue rigorous and pragmatic, pioneering spirit, innovation, excellent quality to provide the most efficient and high quality service to new and old customers.

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(Production delivery)
1, from the day of receipt of customer order confirmation from start to production time and delivery:
2. Production delivery: 1000 large (size 200 * 400mm) or less, 1-3 days, 1000 large (size 200 * 400mm) above, the specific agreed delivery time

(Proofing costs and time)
Press the Proofing Our product range - General Proofing
1, Time: proofing time is generally 1-2 days
2, cost: sample in the market price of 30 yuan free, pay more than the cost of the sample.
3. To open mold tooling costs are charged according to customer product requirements.
According to the requirements of customers or clients to provide samples proofing - Special Proofing
1, time: 3-5 days
2, cost: according to the specific circumstances of the customer requirements, take free or charge appropriate fees proofing
3. To open mold: mold fee charged based on customer requirements.

(Payment and stamps)
1, Payment: with the signing of the contract shall prevail.
2, on the invoice: For the convenience of customers, providing non-tax price and VAT invoice price based on customer demand;

(Sale commitments)

1. tracking: proofing, sending samples, production, shipping, receiving, etc.
2, provide spare parts: general case orders of 3 ‰ months, the special circumstances otherwise agreed.
3. Problem: In case of a problem, you can first take pictures to us, we promise to solve the problem for you, then define the responsibility belongs to alleviate your immediate;

Yash Feng company philosophy: quality of survival, quality and development, to win market services with you to create brilliant!!

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