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Plastic pipe joints | nylon hose connector | AD21.2 bellows quick connector

Plastic pipe joints | nylon hose connector | AD21.2 bellows quick connector
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Wu An
  • Model: AD21.2
  • Material: PVC
  • Diameter: 32mm

Material: PA nylon

Thread size: metric thread, German thread, inch thread

Operating temperature: -40 ℃ ~ + 110 ℃
Color: black, other colors can be customized
Use: SM-type quick connector is a matching product of the hose, can access the equipment on the box, but also according to the choice of thread access to the import and export of internal electrical equipment, just insert the interface can be.

modelFit hoseThread size metricAG Outside diameter (Mm)AG the inside diameter of (Mm)GLHPacking unit /package
M12-AD10AD10.0M12 × 1.51281018100
M16-AD13AD13.0M16 × 1.516101019100
M18-AD15.8AD15.8M18 × 1.51812102350
M20-AD18.5AD18.5M20 × 1.52014.3122550
M20-AD21.2AD21.2M20 × 1.52417132750
M24-AD21.2AD21.2M24 × 1.52417132750
M25-AD25AD25.0M25 × 1.52519.5143050
M27-AD28.5AD28.5M27 × 2.02722143320
M32-AD34.5AD34.5M32 × 1.53226203510
M36-AD34.5AD34.5M36 × 2.03629143510
M48-AD42.5AD42.5M48 × 2.04836.51538.58
M63-AD54.5AD54.5M63 × 2.0635316395
modelFit hoseThread sizeAG Outside diameter (Mm)AG the inside diameter of (Mm)GLHPacking unit /package

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