001x10 Strong Acid Cation Exchange Resin

001x10 Strong Acid Cation Exchange Resin

Product description:

001x10 Strong Acid Cation Exchange Resin
001x10 Strong Acid Cation Exchange Resin
001x10 is a premium high purity grade of conventional gel poly (styrene sulfonate) cation exchange resin. Its chemical and physical stability, particularly its resistance to oxidation and very low extractables content plays a large part in its successful employment in demineralization of water.

The size grading ensures trouble free operation in both standard co-flow and counter-flow operation. The higher density spheres of the graded cation resin ensures good backwash separation at the recommended flow rates. The higher 10% cross-linking will give greatly increased life where resin degradation due to oxidative effects are anticipated such as in condensate softening. The low percentage swelling on conversion from exhausted to regenerated form allows the resin bed to be free of compacted areas when reintroduced to service in the exhaustion cycle. This ensures low pressure drop during service. The resin is available in both Na+ and H+ form.

APPLICATIONS: 001x10 can be used in multiple bed demineralizers with strongly basic anion exchangers such as 201x4, 202 and D201.001X10 is also ideally suited for industrial softening applications. It has a higher level of DVB than 001x8. This gives 001x10 a longer service life when softening aggressive waters.
MatrixCross linked polystyrene
Functional GroupSO3 Sulfonic
Ionic FormNa ﹢
Physical Form Hard moist beads
Particle Size (mm) 0.315-1.25
Uniformity Coefficient 1.6
Moisture Content % 38-43
Total Exchange Capacity (Min) eq/ ltr 2.2
Bulk density or shipping weight gms/ ltr 800-880
Operating PH range 0-14
Solubility in common solvents Insoluble
Operating Temperature ℃ (max) 140
Volume change% (max) : Na + to H + 5

Bed Depth Meter 0.6-3.0
Regenerant Concentration % 10-15 NaCl
4-10 HCl
1-5 H2SO4
Regenerant Flow Rate BV/ Hour 2-8
Regenerant Contact Time Minutes 30-60
Regeneration Level 100% Kgs/ m3 of resins

48-320 NaCl
80-320 HCl

1Cubic Meter Bulk Bag
25Liter Bag
25kg Bag
50kg Plastic Barrel