201x4 Strong Base Anion Exchange Resin

201x4 Strong Base Anion Exchange Resin

Product description:

201x4 Strong Base Anion Exchange Resin
201x4 Strong Base Anion Exchange Resin

201x4 is a Gel Type Strong Base Anion Exchange Resin based on polystyrene matrix with quaternary ammonium functional group. 201x4 gives high throughput and consistent quality. 201x4 resins in combination with 001x7 resins, gives excellent performance in mixed beds.
201x4 is high capacity resin which achieves lowest possible silica under varied water conditions. The resin is supplied in transparent moist bead form with high beads strength. The resin is suitable for demineralization system incorporating co-current and counter-current operations.
APPLICATIONS: 201x4 is recommended in the two bed system of demineralization system. The resin has a lower silica and carbonic acid leakages, hence gives higher silica removal capacity in demineralization units.
201x4 is also used as a mixed bed resin along with 001x7 as a polishing unit to achieve lowest residual silica in treated water and water of high purity is obtained. The resin is also used in absorption process, fractionalization process of weak acid, biochemical's and pharmaceutical intermediates. 201x4 and 201x7 are quite similar, the difference between them is the degree of porosity. 201x4 has greater porosity that gives it faster kinetics, and greater ability to reversibly sorb slow moving ions such as Naturally occurring Organic Matter (NOM) . At lower regeneration levels and where chlorides make up a substantial portion of the anion load, or where the removal and elution of naturally occurring organics is of concern 201x4202 should be considered. At the higher regeneration levels used in mixed bed polishers 201x7 provides higher capacity, and the lowest possible TOC leach rates.
Matrix Cross linked polystyrene
Functional Group Quaternary Ammonium
Ionic Form Cl- Chloride
Physical Form Hard moist beads
Particle Size (mm) 0.315-1.25
Moisture Content % 50-60
Total Exchange Capacity (Min) eq/ ltr 1.1
Bulk Density or Shipping Weight gms/ ltr 660-710
Operating pH range 0-14
Solubility in Common Solvents Insoluble
Operating Temperature℃ (max) 80
Volume Change% (max) : Cl- to OH- 25

Bed Depth Meter 1.0-3.0
Regenerant Concentration % 4-5 NaOH
Regenerant Flow Rate M/ H 4-6
Regenerant Contact Time Minutes 30-60
Regeneration Level 100% Kgs/ m3 of resins 40-80 NaOH
Rinse Flow Rate M/ H 15-25
Rinse Time Minutes 25
Running Flow Rate M/ H 15-25

1 Cubic Meter Bulk Bag
25 Liter Bag
25 kg Bag
50 kg Plastic Barrel