MB6150 Polishing Mixed-Bed Resin

MB6150 Polishing Mixed-Bed Resin

Product description:

MB6150 Polishing Mixed-Bed Resin

Danhao™ MB6150 – Ultra-Pure Water Production Mixed-Bed Resin

Industry Grade Non-Regenerable Polishing Mixed Bed Resin

MB6150 is a fully regenerated mixed bed of cation and anion exchange resins intended for use in high purity water systems after reverse osmosis. This mixed bed product is particularly suitable for use in the polishing of high purity water for specialty electronics applications such as the manufacturing of disk drives, display devices, CD-ROMs, discrete semiconductor devices, lower density IC chips, or in the back-end chip dicing and mounting operations.

It is a ready-to-use mixed bed resins, suitable for the refillable cartridges or big pressure vessel, and after exhaustion it can not be regenerated. Danhao™ MB6150 could deliver 18 Megohm﹒cm quality water with TOC levels below 20 ppb.

LIMITS OF USE: MB6150 non-regenerable mixed bed resin is industrial uses. For all other specific applications such as pharmaceutical, food processing or potable water applications, it is recommended that all potential users seek advice from Danhao Trading corporation or your local resin suppliers or distributors in order to determine the best resin choice and optimum operating conditions.

Ratio of Cation/ Anion 34%: 66%
Ionic Form H﹢/ OH-
Moisture content % 50-60%
Total Exchange Capacity (Min) eq/ ltr 2.0/1.2
Bulk density or shipping weight gms/ ltr 680-720
Operating PH range 1-14
Solubility in common solvents Insoluble
Operating Temperature℃ (max) 60

5 Liter/ bag with alu foil vacuum packing
each 5 bags/ carton