British deep sea controller DSE7220

British deep sea controller DSE7220

Product description:

Brand: deep sea

Model: DSE7220

Dongguan Kuangshi Electronic Co. , Ltd. is a professional production of the generator controller, control panel, adjusting plate manufacturers; to undertake the network cabinets and machine engineering (grid connected Hydropower Station) and generator maintenance and repair; all products the main components from American import; not with their peers than the price, only with their peers than the quality of your products is strictly; the quality requirements of quality, do the quality first, customer first for the purpose, to the quality and production, believe your quality is the best; the price is the most reasonable; welcome new and old customers coming person incoming letter; buy accessories to the outstanding quality, is your ideal choice for your enthusiasm for your service!!!

Factory direct sales

Speed control board 511151315500, EDG550052215522, 555055565570, KSC2011, KSC5586 (the) , 5330, S6700E; DFM1002301A original Wilson EIM PLUS module, overspeed protection device OSP850

Actuator: PT pump core, ADC225S, ADC175, KSD2001 high power actuator (for 1000KW generator)

And machine series: LSM672N, LSM201, SYC6714, interface card: 100101105120122113718, relay board and machine, and machine transformer, 5K multi turn potentiometer, the emergency stop switch, and cabinets etc.;

Controller: 701702K, 704710720501K, 5110, 5120521052203110722073107320520550, GTR168, GTR17, GTR50, EMS39BH1001, EC, GU320B, GU620A, GU640, GU641B, TU510A-MG/ MM, E100, E200, E300, E350, N100, N200. control box special plate, shock absorber, damping glue;

Cummings: 0900913044196322304419573330373594913988. PT series pump core: 3408324.3408326.3408328. VDO oil / water / tachometer. Temperature / pressure, speed sensor, . PCC panel, P810 interface, 7 light board. 12 lamp board, and machine, transformer, charger, car solenoid valve 30179933018453

Adjusting plate: SX440, AS440, SX460, MX321, MX341, R230, R250, R438, R448, R449, R450. SE3508A, 12A, 15A, SSAYEC432, WT-2, rectifier diode, EA04C, EA05A, EA15A, AVC63-7, DVR2000E, surge.

Charger: BC3A, BC6A, BC7033A, BC10A BC12A

Dynamo: a small gasoline engine and diesel, biogas generator;

Can come to install debug, professional and machine and repair and maintenance of all kinds of generators, but also according to your required specifications product design.